Trent Thompson

Special guest

Caring Pet Service provides the highest quality pet cremations for Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Valley regions. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity and the utmost care for the pets that come to our facility.

The Caring Pet Service is located in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains and utilizes a new state-of-the-art crematorium which is fully permitted and licensed.

The Caring Pet Service has been owned and operated by Trent Thompson since its inception in 1992. Along with his ceramic business of 45 years, Trent Pottery and Tile of Los Gatos, Trent has combined the unique qualities of both businesses with the knowledge and skills obtained over many years.

"I was approached by several local Veterinarians in 1992 to consider the possibility of cremating pets for their facilities. They were displeased at the time with the pet cremation businesses available to them. They knew I had extensive knowledge of high temperature facilities and a genuine love and concern for animals. I began Caring Pet Service then and, through feed back from pet owners and veterinarians, I realize I do provide a service for pet owners that is very much appreciated."

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